Alright, this being my first blog post, I figure I should do something of an introduction.  I’m currently a college senior, studying film.  Even though I’m working for a degree in film, I’m planning to do a horizontal shift and go for a career in video games.

I’ve been playing video games most of my life and consider them my main form of entertainment.  I have a rather large video game collection, which I’m very proud of, that can be seen here.  The list currently tops off at 584 games, which is slightly less than the actual number as I own doubles of a few titles and some games are just omitted from the list because they are technically my sister’s and I haven’t really played them, such as Breath of Fire 3 and 4, and pretty much all her Sims games (I just don’t like those).

I’m also the type of guy that picks up the Collector’s/Limited Edition of a game if at all possible, and while the availability of such an edition has tipped me when I was on the fence over whether or not to buy a game, I don’t think it’s ever convinced me to buy a game I didn’t want, i.e. the Madden games.  I do notice some gaps in my collection and a few games of which I own a standard edition of, but odds are I don’t consider those “high priority” and will fill them in slowly over time.

As for systems, I currently own an NES (non-functioning), SNES, N64, two GameCubes, a Playstation, PS2, PS3 (20 gig), an X-Box, X-Box 360 (premium), a Dreamcast, a GameBoy Color, a Gameboy Advance, a GameBoy Advance SP, a Nintendo DS, a PSP, and a GameGear.

I consider myself a very open-minded gamer and don’t classify myself as either a “hardcore” or “casual” gamer, but just a gamer.  I try to play a wide variety of games, but do support racing, fighting, and sports games significantly less than the rest.  I try to look at the redeeming quality of games that I play instead of immediately jumping on its negatives and calling the game crap.  To that end, I’ve enjoyed many games that the hardcore laugh at.

While I do consider myself a Nintendo fan and consider my Wii my “main” gaming system, I try to recognize each system’s strong points, and as you can see, I own quite a few 360 games.  I am currently disappointed with the Playstation 3’s lineup, hence my owning of only 2 PS3 games and only a scant few on my “to buy list,” but still, I look forward to Metal Gear Solid.

My favorite series’ in gaming include The Legend of Zelda, the main series Mario games, most of the Final Fantasy series and their spin-offs(I’ve practically sworn off the series since X, though XI is decent, I’m against MMOs by principle), pre-Symphony of the Night Castlevania (while I recognize SotN as a great game, I don’t consider it a masterpiece of 2D gaming and I think its contributions to the series, as a whole, have been more harmful than good, IGA just needs to go; the N64 games are my favorite of the series), and finally the Resident Evil series.

My favorite genres are currently action/adventure and first & third person shooters.  I’m a fan of video game soundtracks, I’ve dedicated a tab to them here.  Not as groundbreaking as my game collection, but I’m proud of it nonetheless.  And I think that’s about it for now.  I plan on putting up game reviews, series retrospectives, thoughts and ideas up around here, and a few photos of my gaming set-up so long as I don’t get too lazy.

Thanks Much,