Updates, Killzone 2, Onslaught Review, and LE Review v. 2.0

First off, the 2.0 is because Gametrailers decided to be a dick and bug out when I submitted the blog the first time around so now I had to rewrite it.

New Games

Well, let’s start where we always do, new games.

Onslaught (WiiWare)

Yeah, not much this week. I’m still not working and bills come first. Fortunately, I have a back-up to help me get through this. I have about $60 worth of Wii & Microsoft points so I should be able to get by with some downloadable titles like Onslaught. I’m also planning on picking up the three Warhawk expansions for the PS3, which are on sale right now for $10 for all of them.

Still, I’m not entirely without big content. My birthday was this past Tuesday, the 24th, and my aunt will be getting me MadWorld when it comes out and I asked my mom for the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition off of ebay, which I found for the rediculously (relatively) cheap price of $225 w/ free shipping. A pretty good price considering that it normally goes for $300-$500 on ebay. If anyone’s interested, there are some relatively cheap ones on Amazon’s Marketplace for $257 and $272, which is as good a deal as you can expect to find. Anyways, I might also have enough for maybe one more game which I think might go to Sonic and the Black Knight, though Tenchu, Deadly Creatures, and Samurai Shodown are all on my want list (which I’m thinking of adding as a custom tab).

Job Search

Like I said above, I’m still not working, that being because I graduated I no longer qualify as a student worker where I used to work. The Nintendo thing also didn’t pan out as I got the e-mail yesterday saying that I won’t be going any further into their interview process. I’m not too bummed out though as I really want to work in production (like so many people do) and the Nintendo job would’ve been strictly localization which I could do, but only as a stepping stone for a production job. I still need to send my resume to Sony to see if I can get into one of their internships.

While my career search takes its time, I’m currently focusing on the job search, just to get the money for bills and games while I get into the career I want. I just need to make sure to remember that whatever job I land will only be temporary; I don’t want to rest on my laurels and in 30 years realize that I haven’t done anything I wanted to do.

Oh well. enough of that. Back to games.

Killzone 2

Well the game was finally released this week to glowing reviews hailing it as a PS3 must-have. Fair enough I suppose but I just can’t get excited for this game, even after reading many of the reviews.

I still don’t see it much more than a good FPS with very pretty graphics. I’ve been getting that vibe from most of the reviews as well. The story doesn’t seem terribly important and the gameplay itself isn’t anything that hasn’t been done better elsewhere. The only way Killzone 2 really stands out is in the graphics department, which I agree look very good, but I don’t think the graphics are enough to shower the game with perfect scores (of which it has 11 on Metacritic).

At first glance its graphics will simply blow you away. Unfortunately the looks are the only truly sensational thing about this game. Sure, level design and AI are outstanding. But whoever was hoping for the Uber-Shooter could be disappointed by the lackluster boss fights and the mediocre weapon and enemy variety. –Cynamite

That basically sums up my opinion on the game and that of many reviewers. I’m not saying the game is bad, it looks solid and sounds like it’d sit comfortably in around an 8.5/10 range. Could I be a bit biased. Of course. I admit that the PS3 is my least favorite system this generation but not without reason. Killzone 2 seems like a game that fans of the system latched onto because there really wasn’t much else to hold on to at the time. Not entirely unlike the way Wii fans are gravitating towards the Conduit.

I tend to blame this kind of thing on hype and the fact that reviewers get as caught up in it as the people buying the game. This is one of the major problems I see in video game journalism, there isn’t much of a gap between the audience and the critics. Little more than the job title, really. I mean take this excerpt from a perfect score review of Killzone 2:

There are numerous occasions in Killzone 2’s single-player campaign where you’ll be sitting with your mouth agape, particularly when something brand new is thrown at you. In one particularly memorable mission you’re running around an outdoor Mars-like environment vaporizing onrushing Helghast in a mech that resembles the one Ripley uses at the end of Aliens to slay the alien queen-oh, but the mech in Killzone 2 is armed with a missile launcher and a machine gun.

Yes, so brand new that I haven’t seen it done in other FPS games before, which of course we all have. I think Killzone 2 is, by my definition, overrated. Its rated higher than I think it deserves. I do not mean to say that it is a terrible game, which is what people immediately think when you say something is overrated. Of course this is just my opinion, everyone has one, but I’ll definitely back it up with examples instead of immediately calling you a biased n00b.

Onslaught Review

Click on the link in the title above the video to read my full review on this ambitious WiiWare game.

I’ll just summarize a few things right here. Its not a perfect game, but its a fun game and is about as good as a $10 FPS can be. If you go in expecting the Conduit or Killzone 2, then yes you’re going to be disappointed. Go into it expecting a fun FPS then it should satisfy you just fine.

I do recommend you download this game. If you have downloaded it and liked it, or if you’re curious, check out my thread on Hudson Entertainment’s official forums, [url=http://hudsonent.com/viewtopic.php?p=5752]here[/ur], where we’re posting comments and suggestions for the game. My big hope is that they release expansions to add more content into the game in terms of weapons, enemies, maps, and modes. According to the forum admin, which is not any sort of confirmation, if the game does well enough we can expect said expansions, DLC, or a sequel. I’m not holding my breath, but maybe we’ll at least gather enough customer feedback to help out their next project, whatever it may be.

Doom 3 Limited Collector’s Edition

Doom 3


First things first, let’s see what’s inside.

  • Doom 3
  • Tin Case/Plastic Sleeve

Doom 3: Unlike other LEs, this isn’t the regular retail version of the game, which is one thing that I love about this package as a whole. Most LEs include a regular copy of the game, throw all the new content on an extra disc, and then package them together. This edition, on the other hand, prints everything specifically for this edition. The game disc itself is a different game disc from the regular edition. Aside from having a different label (specifically indicating that its the LE), but all the bonus material, interviews, a G4 Feature, concept art, and full versions of Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 (both with splitscreen & XBL multiplayer co-op and deathmatch), is included on the game disc itself. The manual, too is specific to this edition. Aside from the cover that matches the rest of the LE’s asthetic, the manual also includes the instructions for the two classic Doom games as well as short descriptions of the rest of the bonus material.

Tin case/plastic sleeve:We’ve seen these on countless LEs and have pretty much become the standard. Still, I particularly like the graphic design of the box with the gunmetal demonic imagery that is repeated across the various elements of the LE, like the manual and the disc.

I have to admit, I really like this LE. The bonus material is standard, except for the two classic Doom games which help put this game over the top. That last bonus is made a tad less special as Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and the expansion Master Levels for Doom 2 were included on the Xbox port of the Doom 3 expansion, Resurrection of Evil. Still, the whole package has an asthetic different from the regular version that is repeated throughout the various elements like the manual and the disc. Instead of giving us the regular items and throwing the new stuff in, this edition makes everything unique to this edition. Its not a very huge deal, but its appreciated.

When this LE was released it was $10 more than the regular version, which was the standard until recently. I think that, with the classic Doom games included, it was well worth the price. This edition didn’t sell very well or something though, because some time after its release, Gamestop was selling it at the exact same price as the regular version ($30) and seeing the two side-by-side at the exact same price, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t take this version. On ebay now this edition can be picked up for about $10-$30 at a buy-it-now listing.

And that’s about it for this week. I’ll probably be reviewing the Dead Space LE next week and probably reviewing MadWorld itself.