Week and a half in Review

Well, quite a few things going on right now.

Finals week.  Not too bad this semester, two finals total, one tomorrow.  I still have to finish an assignment for another class that’s 20% of my grade.  Hopefully I can get to sleep by 2:30 am at the latest.  After that, its smooth sailing.

Last week I spent much of the time switching off between Half-Life on the PS2 and Grand Theft Auto IV on the 360.  Half-Life is a damn good game, given how old it is.  GTA IV is fun too but I don’t think it deserves the 10 ratings across the board that its been getting.  Its definitely fun, but I don’t think it presents that much of an improvement over the previous games.  That said, I’m only a few hours into the game, couldn’t tell you how many exactly, but I know from experience I’m only starting out on the game so maybe it gets really awsome later on and it earns those 10/10, but we’ll see when I get there.

I had originally planned to blog on Monday so I could include Wii Ware in it, unfortunately Crystal Chronicles basically owned my life that day and blogging kinda fell to the wayside.  Anyways, I bought $40 worth of points for the launch and picked up Lost Winds, which I’ve yet to play, unfortunately, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King with all the downloadable content, save for the outfits.  I’m on my 96th game day, I believe.  Played it for about nine hours straight the first day, maybe six yesterday, and a lot less today because I’m working on my assignments, but I’ll get back to plowing through it tomorrow.

Along with the Wii Ware, unfortunately, came a slap in the face from my Wii’s onboard storage.  I’m currently left with just the official channels, Sin and Punishment, maybe 4 other VC games, Lost Winds, and Final Fantasy.  I have maybe 100 blocks left which is enough for a few VC games, but I haven’t had the will to transfer them back just yet.  I’m hoping Nintendo’s planning something, either read directly off the SD card or an external hard disk because clearing out space for downloading WiiWare was more troublesome than it should be.

This past Friday I picked up the first two seasons of Bones for my mom’s Mother’s Day present as well as a Dual Shock 3 and Evidence: The Last Ritual for the PC.  The Dual Shock is basically what you’d expect.  A SixAxis with Dual Shock rumble, no big surprise there.

Evidence, on the other hand, is quite interesting, at least in its approach.  Basically the game itself is a prop and the real world becomes something of the game world.  The cd-roms the game comes on are evidence left by a serial killer who has kidnapped a girl.  The game is the killer’s little puzzle to toy with the authorities who have decided to distribute the discs to various people (the player being one of them) in order to help decode it.

The game itself is a series of puzzles that force you to go beyond the game to solve them.  One puzzle has a video of the victim in a dress.  You have to click on the crosses on her palms, which causes the video to advance, she lowers the top of her dress to reveal a number written on her collar.  Clicking on the number launches your browser and takes you to a site with a grotesque sketch of the girl in the same position with numbers pointing to the crosses on her hands.  You go back in the game and convert the number on her collarbone into “left hand” “right hand” using the picture online as a key, click on her hands in that order, which causes the video to again advance.  THis time she pulls the bottom of her dress up, revealing a series of random letters written on her calf.  She’ll begin to point at specific ones, thus giving you the password you need to proceed.  The kinds of puzzles remind me of NotPron.

Anyways, when you start the game you register and enter an e-mail address.  You’ll periodicaly recieve e-mails from fictional characters in the game’s reality, including the agency trying to catch the killer, other “people” working to decode the disc, and even the killer himself.  Most of their communique is either encouraging you to continue playing or providing some background information.  Its an interesting twist and if you can find it cheap (I got it for $5 at Target) it’s worth checking out if you don’t mind your inbox being bombarded with a few e-mails when you play.