Weekend in Review

This is the last week of school before finals.  Being a film major, I don’t really have many finals, but I do have plenty of projects that are due.  This weekend I worked on my screenplay due Tuesday.  Its supposed to be 25-30 pages and I’m currently at 14.  I also have to tweak an earlier, 2-page script I did, but I’m hoping that won’t be too big of a problem.  Also, this weekend I had to work on a TV Production that we’re going to tape on Tuesday.  We’re doing a late night talk-show and were able to get a local night-club owner, and the zoo to be our guests.

Anyways, onto the gaming.  I finished Chronicles of the Sword mode in Soul Calibur III.  I recently bought the game, along with Soul Blade, Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur Legends to complete the series.  As much as I like Soul Calibur III as a fighting game, I could not wait until I finished Chronicles of the Sword.

Other than that, I played a little bit of the Metal Gear Online Beta.  I haven’t really played it in about a week, just before they added the new features.  I got to play as Snake in a few sneaking missions.  Playing as snake is really cool, what with the OctoCam to basically make you invisible, I found myself a lot less effective as Snake than with my regular soldier.  Still a fun game and I’m definitely looking forward to the full version with Metal Gear Solid 4.

Gamestop had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on Used games this weekend and I felt obligated to take advantage.  I dropped in on the way home from working on the TV production today and picked up Dead Head Fred on the PSP, Half-Life, Xenosaga II, Armored Core 3, and Dark Cloud for the PS2, and the 2-disc version of 1080 Avalanche for the GameCube.

I’m most proud about having found Half-Life for the PS2 seeing as I’ve never played through the original game (not a huge PC gamer) and because I’ve read that the PS2 was an excellent port, with better in-game models and Half-Life: Decay thrown in for co-op goodness.  Now I’m trying to find the June 2002 Playstation Magazine Bonus disk that let’s you access Half-Life Uplink.  Also, the 2-Disc 1080 Avalanche was a nice find.  Honestly, the second disc, which contains live-action snowboarding set to in-game music, is not something I’d go out of my way to try to find, but since I stumbled on it, there’s no reason why not.

I ordered a copy of GTA IV Special Edition for the X-Box 360 around Thursday, I believe, which should be arriving in the mail on Wednesday.  Honestly, I was never terribly excited about GTA IV, but being the Special/Limited Edition whore that I am, figured I’d go ahead and buy it as it was readily available through online retailers as opposed to getting ripped off for it on Ebay.

And finally, I placed an order for the More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy audio CD, so that should be showing up under my “Game Soundtracks” tab in about a week.

Other than that, I’m just looking forward to being free from school for a few months, but first I have to get through this week. >_<

Thanks guys,