Wii Rant

Hi guys, I was just thinking recently about the Wii and its games.  In the wake of Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 soon to come, I was wondering if you think the Wii will ever have a masterpiece to call its own?  Now, I’m not saying the Wii doesn’t have any good games.  On the contrary, there are more games I want for the Wii than on the other two consoles, but I do recognize that the games that are released for it just don’t have the same care or attention put into them as games on other systems do. Continue reading Wii Rant

Week in Review

Kind of a slow week, really.  The San Diego Comic-Con is coming in July so I’m TRYING to save some money for it.  To that end, I’m TRYING to limit my spending until then.  The only game I’m currently planning to buy between now and then is Metal Gear Solid 4.  Granted, I have the Limited Edition reserved meaning its going to cost a bit, but if I can control myself, that should be the only thing I buy with that paycheck aside from the Limited Edition Strategy guide.  Unfortunately Brady Games seems to have lost the rights to produce the strategy guide meaning MGS4 won’t have an awsome limited edition guide like Snake Eater or Final Fantasy XII did.  Oh well, Prima did do those neat-looking hardcover Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass guides, even if the content inside wasn’t nearly as good as the Nintendo Power guide. Continue reading Week in Review

Weekend in Review

This is the last week of school before finals.  Being a film major, I don’t really have many finals, but I do have plenty of projects that are due.  This weekend I worked on my screenplay due Tuesday.  Its supposed to be 25-30 pages and I’m currently at 14.  I also have to tweak an earlier, 2-page script I did, but I’m hoping that won’t be too big of a problem.  Also, this weekend I had to work on a TV Production that we’re going to tape on Tuesday.  We’re doing a late night talk-show and were able to get a local night-club owner, and the zoo to be our guests.

Anyways, onto the gaming.  I finished Chronicles of the Sword mode in Soul Calibur III.  I recently bought the game, along with Soul Blade, Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur Legends to complete the series.  As much as I like Soul Calibur III as a fighting game, I could not wait until I finished Chronicles of the Sword.

Other than that, I played a little bit of the Metal Gear Online Beta.  I haven’t really played it in about a week, just before they added the new features.  I got to play as Snake in a few sneaking missions.  Playing as snake is really cool, what with the OctoCam to basically make you invisible, I found myself a lot less effective as Snake than with my regular soldier.  Still a fun game and I’m definitely looking forward to the full version with Metal Gear Solid 4.

Gamestop had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on Used games this weekend and I felt obligated to take advantage.  I dropped in on the way home from working on the TV production today and picked up Dead Head Fred on the PSP, Half-Life, Xenosaga II, Armored Core 3, and Dark Cloud for the PS2, and the 2-disc version of 1080 Avalanche for the GameCube.

I’m most proud about having found Half-Life for the PS2 seeing as I’ve never played through the original game (not a huge PC gamer) and because I’ve read that the PS2 was an excellent port, with better in-game models and Half-Life: Decay thrown in for co-op goodness.  Now I’m trying to find the June 2002 Playstation Magazine Bonus disk that let’s you access Half-Life Uplink.  Also, the 2-Disc 1080 Avalanche was a nice find.  Honestly, the second disc, which contains live-action snowboarding set to in-game music, is not something I’d go out of my way to try to find, but since I stumbled on it, there’s no reason why not.

I ordered a copy of GTA IV Special Edition for the X-Box 360 around Thursday, I believe, which should be arriving in the mail on Wednesday.  Honestly, I was never terribly excited about GTA IV, but being the Special/Limited Edition whore that I am, figured I’d go ahead and buy it as it was readily available through online retailers as opposed to getting ripped off for it on Ebay.

And finally, I placed an order for the More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy audio CD, so that should be showing up under my “Game Soundtracks” tab in about a week.

Other than that, I’m just looking forward to being free from school for a few months, but first I have to get through this week. >_<

Thanks guys,