Great ideas…in theory: Random Dungeons

Well, to start off, this past Saturday was my graduation ceremony. Those of you that have followed my blogs for a while may remember that I graduated last December with a degree in Television, Film, & New Media Production from San Diego State University. The school holds the graduation ceremonies in the Summer.

Since the ceremony itself was this weekend, most of the graduation presents dropped this weekend as well, which is why we have so many Continue reading Great ideas…in theory: Random Dungeons

The Wii in Context

New Games

Nothing here. Still job seraching and scraping by so there probably won’t be much in this section for a while. Still, I’m hoping to pick up the BlazBlue Premium Pack since it offers more or less the same extras as the Street Fighter 4 Collector’s Edition, except without the premium price. I also just received my copy of Bioshock: Breaking the Mold Developer’s Edition today. For those of you that haven’t heard of it, its a paperback version of the free artbook released online shortly before the release of the original Bioshock but with more artwork (the book is nearly 100 pages longer than the original PDF) and includes commentary by the development team. I find it fascinating, myself. Continue reading The Wii in Context