New Games, New Audiences, New Genres

Well, well, guys, its been a while and a lot’s been happening. I’m pretty much going to ignore E3 in this post as there is already little that hasn’t already been said about so I’m just going to move on to the new stuff. First off, for those of you that don’t already know, Microsoft is running a 1 Month for $1 dollar promotion for Xbox Live. The deal looks to be worldwide as my friend in Australia has it available, as does my friend in England, where its 1 month for $1. Granted its not the ideal free online solution, but at $1 its not much of an obstacle, just remember to cancel the membership before it renews automatically at $8 a month. Anyways, for my month, I’ve pretty much been sticking to Gears of War 2 co-op and horde as well as Battlefield: Bad Company.

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