New Post Sometime soon

So I was working on a new blog post today.  I figured I’d expand my blogging to include movies, which I’d gotten really into recently.  My first movie post was gonna be a ranking of the 12 Star Trek Films.  I started the article off and I can’t remember how far I got.  but I navigated to another page on the Word Press dash figuring I’d come back and continue my draft from where I left off…No Dice.  It was all gone.  So I started again.

I’d gotten nearly halfway through, roughly 2000 words total at that point.  We then tripped a circuit breaker.  “No biggie!” I figured.  “Word Press auto saves every few minutes.  I couldn’t have lost that much work.”  So I returned to word press, opened up the saved post and was greeted by the message saying I have an autosave newer than the current revision.  All well and good and as expected.  I load the autosave only to find that Word Press hadn’t saved in hours and I’d lost half my work…

…Needless to say, I’m in no mood to make up that work tonight.  Hopefully I’ll get the will up to do it all over again or little by little over the next few days.  Word press has got me more than a little annoyed so I just figured I’d write this up real quick to vent some.  sigh