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After reading House of M…

I’ve no objection to the term ‘graphic novel,’ as long as what it is talking about is actually some sort of graphic work that could conceivably be described as a novel. My main objection to the term is that usually it means a collection of six issues…or something that does not have the structure or any of the qualities of a novel, but is perhaps roughly the same size.

-Alan Moore

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The Punisher by Chris Golden ( aka the angelic Punisher)

PunisherOne of the most universally reviled chapters in the Punisher’s history is the incredibly brief (8 issues) he spent as some sort of angelic avenger.  The Punisher is pretty much synonymous with vigilante-ism.  He has no powers, just lots of guns and a mission to put criminals down for good.  He rarely interacts with the rest of the Marvel universe so it seems incredibly strange that they’d somehow decide to completely pull the rug out from under the character and intertwine him so heavily with the metaphysical. Continue reading The Punisher by Chris Golden ( aka the angelic Punisher)