Onslaught (WiiWare)

Onslaught is the type of game I never expected to see on WiiWare. Its a full-blown FPS and its actually pretty good.

First off, the game is 1000 WiiPoints ($10 in the US) and takes up a little over 300 blocks of memory on the Wii.

The game has about 12 levels that last can last anywhere from 5-30 min (that’s your time limit at least, The level objectives range from get from point A to point B, defend a location, and kill all enemies. You have four different weapons, an SMG, a rifle, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher. There are three upgraded versions of each weapon that you can unlock after meeting certain criteria. In addition, you have a melee whip and grenades, both of which can also be upgraded, I believe.

The single player story is completely throw-away and not meant to be taken seriously. Its something about cybernetic insects a rescue team, an elite squad and something. Its not terribly important. Just read your objective and go. There are only a handful of enemy models which are retextured to used as stronger versions of themselves. The game changes things up with large bosses every few levels.

The game also lets you play the story missions online with up to three other players but lacks any form of player vs player mode. My experience with the online game has been fairly positive. After you choose a game mode, the game automatically searches for other players through a 3 minute countown. As long as there are at least two people in the game (you and one other person) you can cut the countdown short if all the players in the game hit the 2 button on the remote. You are then taken to the weapon select screen with a Ready button. Just hit ready and you’re thrown into the map where you can look around but not move until all the players in your group are ready.

I’ve been able to get a full room in all but one of my games so far and there has been very little lag, except one game where my room of four people was playing a defense mission and the game basically became a slideshow. That was the exception, I think, and seemed to be more the fault of one of the other players connections as I’ve played the same map again with four people and it played much, much smoother. The game uses the standard friend code system for adding and playing with friends.

The gameplay itself is good but not great. If you’re expecting Killzone or Call of Duty then this game is not for you. That said, it plays well on the Wii. The dead zone is fairly large, but it seems to work pretty well regardless. The player characters are all fairly generic and look like Master Chief, the Helghast, and Carmine from Gears of War, all at the same time.

The graphics are nothing to write home about. The Conduit this is not. Still, the game looks good enough. If you are a graphics whore, this game is not for you. The graphics tech is comperable to maybe Quake 3. It gets by, but at no time will you be impressed.

Again, if you are looking for Killzone or Call of Duty this is not your game. The game is $10 and for that price you get more than I expected. You get a decent amount of content for the download which is made all the more impressive by the fact that the game is maybe 30Mb-40Mb to fit on the WiiWare service.

Honestly, you can pay more for worse games out there, especially on the Wii. The way I described it, you may be tempted to just skip over this game. I hope you don’t. The game is ambitious for a Wiiware title and its actually pretty good. Its just not on the cutting edge of anything really. Unless you’re the kind whose games just have to be on the bleeding edge of technology and you can’t appreciate a fun game that is less than perfect, then I urge you to give Onslaught some serious consideration.