In Memory of Michael Turner, 1971-2008

Short post today. I found out yesterday that comics creator Michael Turner had died Friday night, June 27th. Michael Turner was the co-creator of Witchblade, one of my favorite comics characters and did a lot of work on The Darkness, another favorite of mine, as well as dozens of covers all across the world of comics. Turner had a bout with cancer a while back and was reporting health problems earlier this year, causing him to delay a comic he was working on back in March. Not hearing much news from his website for a few months, I had hoped that he had gotten better but apparently he’d developed some health complications in the past few weeks. Ironically, I was visiting his website to see if they had added news of their Comic-Con plans when I saw the news. I was speechless and visibly shaken when I saw his picture on the front page with the words Forever Rest in Peace.

I always stopped by to meet him at the San Diego Comic-Con every year for the past few years and it really became one of the main reasons I’m always so anxious to go, even if it meant waiting in line for two minutes or an hour, it always felt worth it to meet him. I remember last year when he took the time to flip through a Darkness art book I had just bought and had asked him to sign. He was always friendly and really loved his fans. I remember the first year I really met him when I was a little younger, I didn’t expect him to be at the convention and so didn’t come prepared, he waited for me to go quickly buy something of his for him to sign, despite the fact that his official autographing hours were finished. Again a few years later I bumped into him as he was on his way out but still took the time to sign a few comics and pose for a picture.

I’m going to miss Michael Turner. Comic-Con won’t be the same without him.

Thanks for everything, Michael.