Just random stuff and an LE Review

Not too much to talk about today. I would’ve posted this much earlier but GameTrailers was having some serious problems.

Earlier this week I picked up the Super Mario 64 soundtrack on eEbay. Sellers typically try to sell this for over $100 but I won this one at auction for $16 and free shipping. I pretty much wanted this cd for the Staff Roll track which has been a longtime favorite of mine. Back in the N64 days, I would often play the final Bowser just to hear the song over the end credits. I’m not in anyway suggesting its the only song on the album I like. Quite the contrary, I love most of them, but most of them are just icing on the cake.

I’ve also ordered a second copy of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter for the GameCube. This one comes with the rarer cover art, which is basically just a picture of Jango’s head filling the cover. I picked it up for aobut $22. Some sellers try to sell it for quite a bit more than that, as if it was a proper limited edition. I personally really liked this game and I keep hoping they decide to make a sequel. Maybe featuring Boba Fett and being a little more focused on hunting bounties. Unfortunately with all the stuff that’s been going on at LucasArts, I’m not really sure what to expect from them.

I put some time into Sin and Punishment. I do not believe humanity has evolved far enough to do everything that game demands. That and I think the control scheme could’ve been laid out a little better. If they had used the analog stick to aim and the c-buttons for strafing, they could’ve had the Z and R buttons left for firing and jumping respectively. Still, the control scheme works well enough and the game is still awsome. What I think would work best, however, would be either a remake or a sequel to this game for the Wii. I think the controls would be perfect. Use IR aiming for the gun reticle, the analog stick for strafing, the B button for shooting/slashing (or maybe use a slashing motion with the remote for the sword slash, maybe give us the option?), and the A or C button to jump. Apparently Treasure is interested in doing a sequel. Let’s hope that interest bears fruit because it could be an awsome third-party title for the Wii.

I’m also still playing Oblivion and I think I will be doing so for a while. I really wish I could change my major skills seeing as I’m only actively using half of the ones I originally selected. I’ve done it in both Morrowind and Oblivion now; choosing skills that don’t really mesh up well with my style of play. Then again, you don’t really know how you will end up playing until you actually start doing so. Still, I’m getting by so I can’t complain too much. I just got up to Champion rank in the arena. I’m going to wait a bit before going for the Grand Champion rank, though. By completing the Origin of the Grey Prince quest you get a boost in several skills incloding acrobatics I think, which still provides benefits after its exceeded level 100, so I’m going to wait until I can make good benefit of it. Also, completing the quest makes the grand champion match all the easier. I’ll probably delve into the Shivering Isles before too long.

On a related note (perfect segway, I know 😛 )

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Collector’s Edition



Inside the box we have:

  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  • Morrowind Original Soundtrack
  • The Art of Morrowind
  • Ordinator Figurine

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: This is just the regular retail stuff here, but it is more than what is typically included with other games. Aside from the game disc you get the construction set that lets you make your own mods for the game, instruction manual, of course, and a nice map of the game world.

Morrowind Original Soundtrack: The beautiful soundtrack to the game by one of my favorite video game composers, Jeremy Soule, who has done music for Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Prey, Guild Wars, and the Harry Potter movies. This soundtrack is 15 tracks and roughly 40 minutes of music. Its different from the Morrowind soundtrack available for download at DirectSong, which is 20 tracks and roughly 45 minutes of music.

The Art of Morrowind: This 48-page art booklet contains a wealth of concept art. It doesn’t really compare to retail art books of course, but its a very nice book.

Ordinator Figurine: This is pretty much just what it says. A small pewter figurine of the in-game Ordinator. A neat little trinket, but nothing I’d lose sleep over.

This is one Collector’s Edition after sinking many, many, many hours into the Game of the Year Edition for the X-Box. This edition includes both a soundtrack and an art book, which are two enormous plusses for me.

The soundtrack itself is great. The music can be very epic and at the same time very ambient. The art book, while short, has some very awsome images covering locations, equipment, and characters. Most are line art but there are a few paintings in there as well. The pewter figure isn’t anything special. I just leave it in the box for the most part. Its nice and all, but its not terribly impressive.

On top of that, the trappings of the regular edition are none too shabby. The Construction Kit is apparently the same tool used by the developers and affords you a lot of power to add your own mods to the game if you’re willing to take the time to learn it. The map is also very nice. The game has an in-game map, I know, but sometimes its just nice to follow your journey on a physical map. The map also looks very cool too. While it may not label absolutely everything, it does have small images that can tip you off to new locations and settlements you may just pass by if you weren’t looking for them.

I couldn’t find the original MSRP for this edition online, although I’m imagining that it would’ve cost something like $59.99. At that price, I still would’ve recommended this. I didn’t buy it at retail myself. I saw it once at a (at the time) EbGames, but I didn’t really know about the series at that time so I skipped over it. When I found one on Ebay I was able to buy it for around $30, which is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen another one on Ebay lately or anywhere else online.